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  1. $resource
  2. provider in module ngResource


Use $resourceProvider to change the default behavior of the $resource service.


Requires the ngResource module to be installed.


  • === defaults ===

    Object containing default options used when creating $resource instances.

    The default values satisfy a wide range of usecases, but you may choose to overwrite any of them to further customize your instances. The available properties are:

    • stripTrailingSlashes{boolean} – If true, then the trailing slashes from any calculated URL will be stripped.
      (Defaults to true.)
    • cancellable{boolean} – If true, the request made by a "non-instance" call will be cancelled (if not already completed) by calling $cancelRequest() on the call's return value. For more details, see $resource. This can be overwritten per resource class or action.
      (Defaults to false.)
    • actions - {Object.<Object>} - A hash with default actions declarations. Actions are high-level methods corresponding to RESTful actions/methods on resources. An action may specify what HTTP method to use, what URL to hit, if the return value will be a single object or a collection (array) of objects etc. For more details, see $resource. The actions can also be enhanced or overwritten per resource class.
      The default actions are:

        get: {method: 'GET'},
        save: {method: 'POST'},
        query: {method: 'GET', isArray: true},
        remove: {method: 'DELETE'},
        delete: {method: 'DELETE'}

    For example, you can specify a new update action that uses the PUT HTTP verb:

      config(['$resourceProvider', function ($resourceProvider) {
        $resourceProvider.defaults.actions.update = {
          method: 'PUT'

    Or you can even overwrite the whole actions list and specify your own:

      config(['$resourceProvider', function ($resourceProvider) {
        $resourceProvider.defaults.actions = {
          create: {method: 'POST'},
          get:    {method: 'GET'},
          getAll: {method: 'GET', isArray:true},
          update: {method: 'PUT'},
          delete: {method: 'DELETE'}

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