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  1. directive in module ng


Helper directive that makes it possible to create control groups inside a form directive. These "child forms" can be used, for example, to determine the validity of a sub-group of controls.

Note: ngForm cannot be used as a replacement for <form>, because it lacks its built-in HTML functionality. Specifically, you cannot submit ngForm like a <form> tag. That means, you cannot send data to the server with ngForm, or integrate it with ngSubmit.

Directive Info

  • This directive executes at priority level 0.


  • as element:

  • as attribute:

  • as CSS class:

    <ANY class="[ng-form: string;]"> ... </ANY>


Param Type Details

ngForm | name


string Name of the form. If specified, the form controller will be published into the related scope, under this name.

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