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  1. directive in module ng


Text input that converts between a delimited string and an array of strings. The default delimiter is a comma followed by a space - equivalent to ng-list=", ". You can specify a custom delimiter as the value of the ngList attribute - for example, ng-list=" | ".

The behaviour of the directive is affected by the use of the ngTrim attribute.

  • If ngTrim is set to "false" then whitespace around both the separator and each list item is respected. This implies that the user of the directive is responsible for dealing with whitespace but also allows you to use whitespace as a delimiter, such as a tab or newline character.
  • Otherwise whitespace around the delimiter is ignored when splitting (although it is respected when joining the list items back together) and whitespace around each list item is stripped before it is added to the model.

Directive Info

  • This directive executes at priority level 100.


  • as attribute:



Param Type Details



string optional delimiter that should be used to split the value.



Splitting on newline

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