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Configure several aspects of error handling in AngularJS if used as a setter or return the current configuration if used as a getter. The following options are supported:

  • objectMaxDepth: The maximum depth to which objects are traversed when stringified for error messages.

Omitted or undefined options will leave the corresponding configuration values unchanged.




Param Type Details




The configuration object. May only contain the options that need to be updated. Supported keys:

  • objectMaxDepth {Number} - The max depth for stringifying objects. Setting to a non-positive or non-numeric value, removes the max depth limit. Default: 5

  • urlErrorParamsEnabled {Boolean} - Specifies whether the generated error url will contain the parameters of the thrown error. Disabling the parameters can be useful if the generated error url is very long.

    Default: true. When used without argument, it returns the current value.

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