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Deprecated since version 3.14: This command was originally added to support Qt 3 before the add_custom_command() command was sufficiently mature. The FindQt4 module provides the qt4_wrap_ui() macro, which should be used instead for Qt 4 projects. For projects using Qt 5 or later, use the equivalent macro provided by Qt itself (e.g. Qt 5 provides qt5_wrap_ui()).

Manually create Qt user interfaces Wrappers.

qt_wrap_ui(resultingLibraryName HeadersDestName
           SourcesDestName SourceLists ...)

Produces .h and .cxx files for all the .ui files listed in the SourceLists. The .h files will be added to the library using the HeadersDestNamesource list. The .cxx files will be added to the library using the SourcesDestNamesource list.

Consider updating the project to use the AUTOUIC target property instead for a more automated way of invoking the uic tool.

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