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Get a property from a target.

get_target_property(<VAR> target property)

Get a property from a target. The value of the property is stored in the variable <VAR>. If the target property is not found, the behavior depends on whether it has been defined to be an INHERITED property or not (see define_property()). Non-inherited properties will set <VAR> to <VAR>-NOTFOUND, whereas inherited properties will search the relevant parent scope as described for the define_property() command and if still unable to find the property, <VAR> will be set to an empty string.

Use set_target_properties() to set target property values. Properties are usually used to control how a target is built, but some query the target instead. This command can get properties for any target so far created. The targets do not need to be in the current CMakeLists.txt file.

See also the more general get_property() command.

See Properties on Targets for the list of properties known to CMake.

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