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Adds support for an external library to your project.

ng add <collection> [options]


Adds the npm package for a published library to your workspace, and configures the project in the current working directory (or the default project if you are not in a project directory) to use that library, as specified by the library's schematic. For example, adding @angular/pwa configures your project for PWA support:

ng add @angular/pwa

The default project is the value of defaultProject in angular.json.


Argument Description
<collection> The package to be added.


Option Description
false When true, disables interactive input prompts for options with a default.

Shows a help message for this command in the console.

Default: false

false When false, disables interactive input prompts.
--registry=registry The NPM registry to use.

Display additional details about internal operations during execution.

Default: false

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