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Entry point exports


UpgradeModule An NgModule, which you import to provide AngularJS core services, and has an instance method used to bootstrap the hybrid upgrade application.


UpgradeComponent A helper class that allows an AngularJS component to be used from Angular.


downgradeComponent A helper function that allows an Angular component to be used from AngularJS.
downgradeInjectable A helper function to allow an Angular service to be accessible from AngularJS.
downgradeModule A helper function for creating an AngularJS module that can bootstrap an Angular module "on-demand" (possibly lazily) when a downgraded component needs to be instantiated.
getAngularJSGlobal Returns the current AngularJS global.
getAngularLib Deprecated: Use getAngularJSGlobal instead.
setAngularJSGlobal Resets the AngularJS global.
setAngularLib Deprecated: Use setAngularJSGlobal instead.

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