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Formats a number as currency using locale rules.

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Template:Value expression


Input value

value any


currencyCode string Optional. Default is 'USD'.
symbolDisplay boolean Optional. Default is false.
digits string Optional. Default is undefined.


Use currency to format a number as currency.

  • currencyCode is the ISO 4217 currency code, such as USD for the US dollar and EUR for the euro.
  • symbolDisplay is a boolean indicating whether to use the currency symbol or code.
    • true: use symbol (e.g. $).
    • false(default): use code (e.g. USD).
  • digitInfo See DecimalPipe for detailed description.

WARNING: this pipe uses the Internationalization API which is not yet available in all browsers and may require a polyfill. See Browser Support for details.

Usage notes


  selector: 'deprecated-currency-pipe',
  template: `<div>
    <!--output 'CAD0.26'-->
    <p>A: {{a | currency:'CAD'}}</p>

    <!--output '$0,001.35'-->
    <p>B: {{b | currency:'CAD':true:'4.2-2'}}</p>
export class DeprecatedCurrencyPipeComponent {
  a: number = 0.259;
  b: number = 1.3495;

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