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Entry point exports


ComponentFixture Fixture for debugging and testing a component.
TestComponentRenderer An abstract class for inserting the root test component element in a platform independent way.


async Wraps a test function in an asynchronous test zone. The test will automatically complete when all asynchronous calls within this zone are done. Can be used to wrap an inject call.
discardPeriodicTasks Discard all remaining periodic tasks.

Wraps a function to be executed in the fakeAsync zone:

  • microtasks are manually executed by calling flushMicrotasks(),
  • timers are synchronous, tick() simulates the asynchronous passage of time.
flush Simulates the asynchronous passage of time for the timers in the fakeAsync zone by draining the macrotask queue until it is empty. The returned value is the milliseconds of time that would have been elapsed.
flushMicrotasks Flush any pending microtasks.
inject Allows injecting dependencies in beforeEach() and it().
resetFakeAsyncZone Clears out the shared fake async zone for a test. To be called in a global beforeEach.
tick Simulates the asynchronous passage of time for the timers in the fakeAsync zone.


TestBed Configures and initializes environment for unit testing and provides methods for creating components and services in unit tests.
TestBedStatic Static methods implemented by the TestBedViewEngine and TestBedRender3


MetadataOverride Type used for modifications to metadata
getTestBed Returns a singleton of the applicable TestBed.

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