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Supports the upgrade path from AngularJS to Angular, allowing components and services from both systems to be used in the same application.

Entry point exports


UpgradeModule An NgModule, which you import to provide AngularJS core services, and has an instance method used to bootstrap the hybrid upgrade application.


downgradeComponent A helper function that allows an Angular component to be used from AngularJS.
downgradeInjectable A helper function to allow an Angular service to be accessible from AngularJS.
downgradeModule A helper function for creating an AngularJS module that can bootstrap an Angular module "on-demand" (possibly lazily) when a downgraded component needs to be instantiated.
getAngularJSGlobal Returns the current AngularJS global.
getAngularLib Deprecated: Use getAngularJSGlobal instead.
setAngularJSGlobal Resets the AngularJS global.
setAngularLib Deprecated: Use setAngularJSGlobal instead.


UpgradeComponent A helper class that allows an AngularJS component to be used from Angular.

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