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Exposes a set of functions in the global namespace which are useful for debugging the current state of your application. These functions are exposed via the global ng "namespace" variable automatically when you import from @angular/core and run your application in development mode. These functions are not exposed when the application runs in a production mode.

Entry point exports


ng.applyChanges Marks a component for check (in case of OnPush components) and synchronously performs change detection on the application this component belongs to.
ng.getComponent Retrieves the component instance associated with a given DOM element.
ng.getContext If inside an embedded view (e.g. *ngIf or *ngFor), retrieves the context of the embedded view that the element is part of. Otherwise retrieves the instance of the component whose view owns the element (in this case, the result is the same as calling getOwningComponent).
ng.getDirectives Retrieves directive instances associated with a given DOM element. Does not include component instances.
ng.getHostElement Retrieves the host element of a component or directive instance. The host element is the DOM element that matched the selector of the directive.
ng.getInjector Retrieves an Injector associated with an element, component or directive instance.
ng.getListeners Retrieves a list of event listeners associated with a DOM element. The list does include host listeners, but it does not include event listeners defined outside of the Angular context (e.g. through addEventListener).
ng.getOwningComponent Retrieves the component instance whose view contains the DOM element.
ng.getRootComponents Retrieves all root components associated with a DOM element, directive or component instance. Root components are those which have been bootstrapped by Angular.


Listener Event listener configuration returned from getListeners.

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