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The default ControlValueAccessor for writing a value and listening to changes on input elements. The accessor is used by the FormControlDirective, FormControlName, and NgModel directives.

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Exported from


  • input:not([type=checkbox])[formControlName]
  • textarea[formControlName]
  • input:not([type=checkbox])[formControl]
  • textarea[formControl]
  • input:not([type=checkbox])[ngModel]
  • textarea[ngModel]
  • [ngDefaultControl]


Using the default value accessor

The following example shows how to use an input element that activates the default value accessor (in this case, a text field).

const firstNameControl = new FormControl();
<input type="text" [formControl]="firstNameControl">

This value accessor is used by default for <input type="text"> and <textarea> elements, but you could also use it for custom components that have similar behavior and do not require special processing. In order to attach the default value accessor to a custom element, add the ngDefaultControl attribute as shown below.

<custom-input-component ngDefaultControl [(ngModel)]="value"></custom-input-component>

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