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Contains the information about a route associated with a component loaded in an outlet at a particular moment in time. ActivatedRouteSnapshot can also be used to traverse the router state tree.

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interface ActivatedRouteSnapshot {
  routeConfig: Route | null
  url: UrlSegment[]
  params: Params
  queryParams: Params
  fragment: string
  data: Data
  outlet: string
  component: Type<any> | string | null
  root: ActivatedRouteSnapshot
  parent: ActivatedRouteSnapshot | null
  firstChild: ActivatedRouteSnapshot | null
  children: ActivatedRouteSnapshot[]
  pathFromRoot: ActivatedRouteSnapshot[]
  paramMap: ParamMap
  queryParamMap: ParamMap
  toString(): string


The following example initializes a component with route information extracted from the snapshot of the root node at the time of creation.

class MyComponent {
  constructor(route: ActivatedRoute) {
    const id: string =;
    const url: string = route.snapshot.url.join('');
    const user =;


Property Description

Read-Only The configuration used to match this route *

url: UrlSegment[] The URL segments matched by this route
params: Params The matrix parameters scoped to this route
queryParams: Params The query parameters shared by all the routes
fragment: string The URL fragment shared by all the routes
data: Data The static and resolved data of this route
outlet: string The outlet name of the route
string | null The component of the route
root: ActivatedRouteSnapshot

Read-Only The root of the router state


Read-Only The parent of this route in the router state tree


Read-Only The first child of this route in the router state tree

children: ActivatedRouteSnapshot[]

Read-Only The children of this route in the router state tree

pathFromRoot: ActivatedRouteSnapshot[]

Read-Only The path from the root of the router state tree to this route

paramMap: ParamMap Read-Only
queryParamMap: ParamMap Read-Only


toString(): string


There are no parameters.



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