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Config object passed to initialize the platform.

interface PlatformConfig {
  document?: string
  url?: string
  useAbsoluteUrl?: boolean
  baseUrl?: string


Property Description
document?: string The initial DOM to use to bootstrap the server application.
url?: string The URL for the current application state. This is used for initializing the platform's location. protocol, hostname, and port will be overridden if baseUrl is set.
useAbsoluteUrl?: boolean Whether to append the absolute URL to any relative HTTP requests. If set to true, this logic executes prior to any HTTP interceptors that may run later on in the request. baseUrl must be supplied if this flag is enabled.
baseUrl?: string The base URL for resolving absolute URL for HTTP requests. It must be set if useAbsoluteUrl is true, and must consist of protocol, hostname, and optional port. This option has no effect if useAbsoluteUrl is not enabled.

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