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Constants for the categories of parameters that can be defined for animations.

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enum AnimationMetadataType {
  State: 0
  Transition: 1
  Sequence: 2
  Group: 3
  Animate: 4
  Keyframes: 5
  Style: 6
  Trigger: 7
  Reference: 8
  AnimateChild: 9
  AnimateRef: 10
  Query: 11
  Stagger: 12


A corresponding function defines a set of parameters for each category, and collects them into a corresponding AnimationMetadata object.


Member Description
State: 0 Associates a named animation state with a set of CSS styles. See state()
Transition: 1 Data for a transition from one animation state to another. See transition()
Sequence: 2 Contains a set of animation steps. See sequence()
Group: 3 Contains a set of animation steps. See group()
Animate: 4 Contains an animation step. See animate()
Keyframes: 5 Contains a set of animation steps. See keyframes()
Style: 6 Contains a set of CSS property-value pairs into a named style. See style()
Trigger: 7 Associates an animation with an entry trigger that can be attached to an element. See trigger()
Reference: 8 Contains a re-usable animation. See animation()
AnimateChild: 9 Contains data to use in executing child animations returned by a query. See animateChild()
AnimateRef: 10 Contains animation parameters for a re-usable animation. See useAnimation()
Query: 11 Contains child-animation query data. See query()
Stagger: 12 Contains data for staggering an animation sequence. See stagger()

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