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Provides tools for upgrading from the $location service provided in AngularJS to Angular's unified location service.

Entry point exports


LocationUpgradeModule NgModule used for providing and configuring Angular's Unified Location Service for upgrading.


$locationShim Location service that provides a drop-in replacement for the $location service provided in AngularJS.
$locationShimProvider The factory function used to create an instance of the $locationShim in Angular, and provides an API-compatiable $locationProvider for AngularJS.
AngularJSUrlCodec A UrlCodec that uses logic from AngularJS to serialize and parse URLs and URL parameters.
UrlCodec A codec for encoding and decoding URL parts.


LocationUpgradeConfig Configuration options for LocationUpgrade.


LOCATION_UPGRADE_CONFIGURATION A provider token used to configure the location upgrade module.

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