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Creates a factory for a platform. Can be used to provide or override Providers specific to your applciation's runtime needs, such as PLATFORM_INITIALIZER and PLATFORM_ID.

createPlatformFactory(parentPlatformFactory: (extraProviders?: StaticProvider[]) => PlatformRef, name: string, providers: StaticProvider[] = []): (extraProviders?: StaticProvider[]) => PlatformRef

parentPlatformFactory (extraProviders?: StaticProvider[]) => PlatformRef Another platform factory to modify. Allows you to compose factories to build up configurations that might be required by different libraries or parts of the application.
name string Identifies the new platform factory.
providers StaticProvider[]

A set of dependency providers for platforms created with the new factory.

Optional. Default is [].


(extraProviders?: StaticProvider[]) => PlatformRef

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