13.4 Files You Must Create or Alter

Besides files which are automatically added through gettextize, there are many files needing revision for properly interacting with GNU gettext. If you are closely following GNU standards for Makefile engineering and auto-configuration, the adaptations should be easier to achieve. Here is a point by point description of the changes needed in each.

So, here comes a list of files, each one followed by a description of all alterations it needs. Many examples are taken out from the GNU gettext 0.21 distribution itself, or from the GNU hello distribution (https://www.gnu.org/software/hello). You may indeed refer to the source code of the GNU gettext and GNU hello packages, as they are intended to be good examples for using GNU gettext functionality.

po/POTFILES.in:    POTFILES.in in po/
po/LINGUAS:    LINGUAS in po/
po/Makevars:    Makevars in po/
po/Rules-*:    Extending Makefile in po/
configure.ac:    configure.ac at top level
config.guess:    config.guess, config.sub at top level
mkinstalldirs:    mkinstalldirs at top level
aclocal:    aclocal.m4 at top level
config.h.in:    config.h.in at top level
Makefile:    Makefile.in at top level
src/Makefile:    Makefile.in in src/
lib/gettext.h:    gettext.h in lib/