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13.4.4 Extending Makefile in po/

All files called Rules-* in the po/ directory get appended to the po/Makefile when it is created. They present an opportunity to add rules for special PO files to the Makefile, without needing to mess with po/

GNU gettext comes with a Rules-quot file, containing rules for building catalogs [email protected] and [email protected]. The effect of [email protected] is that people who set their LANGUAGE environment variable to ‘[email protected]’ will get messages with proper looking symmetric Unicode quotation marks instead of abusing the ASCII grave accent and the ASCII apostrophe for indicating quotations. To enable this catalog, simply add [email protected] to the po/LINGUAS file. The effect of [email protected] is that people who set LANGUAGE to ‘[email protected]’ will get not only proper quotation marks, but also the quoted text will be shown in a bold font on terminals and consoles. This catalog is useful only for command-line programs, not GUI programs. To enable it, similarly add [email protected] to the po/LINGUAS file.

Similarly, you can create rules for building message catalogs for the [email protected] locale – Serbian written with the Latin alphabet – from those for the sr locale – Serbian written with Cyrillic letters. See msgfilter Invocation.