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Transforms text to all lower case.

Template:Value expression

Exported from

Input value

value string

See also

  • UpperCasePipe
  • TitleCasePipe

Usage notes

The following example defines a view that allows the user to enter text, and then uses the pipe to convert the input text to all lower case.

  selector: 'lowerupper-pipe',
  template: `<div>
    <label>Name: </label><input #name (keyup)="change(name.value)" type="text">
    <p>In lowercase: <pre>'{{value | lowercase}}'</pre>
    <p>In uppercase: <pre>'{{value | uppercase}}'</pre>
export class LowerUpperPipeComponent {
  // TODO(issue/24571): remove '!'.
  value!: string;
  change(value: string) {
    this.value = value;

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