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Defines a list of animation steps to be run sequentially, one by one.

sequence(steps: AnimationMetadata[], options: AnimationOptions = null): AnimationSequenceMetadata

steps AnimationMetadata[]

An array of animation step objects.

  • Steps defined by style() calls apply the styling data immediately.
  • Steps defined by animate() calls apply the styling data over time as specified by the timing data.
  style({ opacity: 0 }),
  animate("1s", style({ opacity: 1 }))
options AnimationOptions

An options object containing a delay and developer-defined parameters that provide styling defaults and can be overridden on invocation.

Optional. Default is null.


AnimationSequenceMetadata: An object that encapsulates the sequence data.

Usage notes

When you pass an array of steps to a transition() call, the steps run sequentially by default. Compare this to the group() call, which runs animation steps in parallel.

When a sequence is used within a group() or a transition() call, execution continues to the next instruction only after each of the inner animation steps have completed.

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