GNU tar 1.34: 6 Choosing Files and Names for tar

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6 Choosing Files and Names for tar

Certain options to tar enable you to specify a name for your archive. Other options let you decide which files to include or exclude from the archive, based on when or whether files were modified, whether the file names do or don’t match specified patterns, or whether files are in specified directories.

This chapter discusses these options in detail.

6.1 Choosing and Naming Archive Files    Choosing the Archive’s Name
6.2 Selecting Archive Members   
6.3 Reading Names from a File   
6.4 Excluding Some Files   
6.5 Wildcards Patterns and Matching   
6.6 Quoting Member Names    Ways of Quoting Special Characters in Names
6.7 Modifying File and Member Names   
6.8 Operating Only on New Files   
6.9 Descending into Directories   
6.10 Crossing File System Boundaries   

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