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3.4.3 Short Options Cross Reference

Here is an alphabetized list of all of the short option forms, matching them with the equivalent long option.

Short Option Reference
-A -concatenate.
-B -read-full-records.
-C -directory.
-F -info-script.
-G -incremental.
-J -xz.
-K -starting-file.
-L -tape-length.
-M -multi-volume.
-N -newer.
-O -to-stdout.
-P -absolute-names.
-R -block-number.
-S -sparse.
-T -files-from.
-U -unlink-first.
-V -label.
-W -verify.
-X -exclude-from.
-Z -compress.
-b -blocking-factor.
-c -create.
-d -compare.
-f -file.
-g -listed-incremental.
-h -dereference.
-i -ignore-zeros.
-j -bzip2.
-k -keep-old-files.
-l -check-links.
-m -touch.

When extracting, same as -no-same-owner. When creating, - -old-archive.

The latter usage is deprecated. It is retained for compatibility with the earlier versions of GNU tar. In future releases `-o' will be equivalent to `--no-same-owner' only.

-p -preserve-permissions.
-r -append.
-s -same-order.
-t -list.
-u -update.
-v -verbose.
-w -interactive.
-x -extract.
-z -gzip.
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