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5.4 Setting Parameters for Backups and Restoration

The file `backup-specs' specifies backup parameters for the backup and restoration scripts provided with tar. You must edit `backup-specs' to fit your system configuration and schedule before using these scripts.

Syntactically, `backup-specs' is a shell script, containing mainly variable assignments. However, any valid shell construct is allowed in this file. Particularly, you may wish to define functions within that script (e.g., see RESTORE_BEGIN below). For more information about shell script syntax, please refer to the definition of the Shell Command Language. See also [[../../bashref/index#Top|(bashref)Top]] section `Bash Features' in Bash Reference Manual.

The shell variables controlling behavior of backup and restore are described in the following subsections.

5.4.1 General-Purpose Variables   
5.4.2 Magnetic Tape Control   
5.4.3 User Hooks   
5.4.4 An Example Text of `Backup-specs'   

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