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4.2 Advanced GNU tar Operations

Now that you have learned the basics of using GNU tar, you may want to learn about further ways in which tar can help you.

This chapter presents five, more advanced operations which you probably won't use on a daily basis, but which serve more specialized functions. We also explain the different styles of options and why you might want to use one or another, or a combination of them in your tar commands. Additionally, this chapter includes options which allow you to define the output from tar more carefully, and provide help and error correction in special circumstances.

See check this after the chapter is actually revised to make sure it still introduces the info in the chapter correctly : ).

4.2.1 The Five Advanced tar Operations   
4.2.2 How to Add Files to Existing Archives: `--append'   
4.2.3 Updating an Archive   
4.2.4 Combining Archives with `--concatenate'   
4.2.5 Removing Archive Members Using `--delete'   
4.2.6 Comparing Archive Members with the File System   

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