9.11 Highlighting parts of PO files

Translators are usually only interested in seeing the untranslated and fuzzy messages of a PO file. Also, when a message is set fuzzy because the msgid changed, they want to see the differences between the previous msgid and the current one (especially if the msgid is long and only few words in it have changed). Finally, it’s always welcome to highlight the different sections of a message in a PO file (comments, msgid, msgstr, etc.).

Such highlighting is possible through the options ‘--color’ and ‘--style’. They are supported by all the programs that produce a PO file on standard output, such as msgcat, msgmerge, and msgunfmt.

The --color option:    Triggering colorized output
The TERM variable:    The environment variable TERM
The --style option:    The --style option
Style rules:    Style rules for PO files
Customizing less:    Customizing less for viewing PO files