Modula-2 (Debugging with GDB)

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15.4.9 Modula-2

The extensions made to GDB to support Modula-2 only support output from the GNU Modula-2 compiler (which is currently being developed). Other Modula-2 compilers are not currently supported, and attempting to debug executables produced by them is most likely to give an error as GDB reads in the executable’s symbol table.

M2 Operators:    Built-in operators
Built-In Func/Proc:    Built-in functions and procedures
M2 Constants:    Modula-2 constants
M2 Types:    Modula-2 types
M2 Defaults:    Default settings for Modula-2
Deviations:    Deviations from standard Modula-2
M2 Checks:    Modula-2 type and range checks
M2 Scope:    The scope operators :: and .
GDB/M2:    GDB and Modula-2