Enum Target Types (Debugging with GDB)

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G.4 Enum Target Types

Enum target types are useful in ‘struct’ and ‘flags’ register descriptions. See Target Description Format.

Enum types have a name, size and a list of name/value pairs.

<enum id="id" size="size">
  <evalue name="name" value="value"/>

Enums must be defined before they are used.

<enum id="levels_type" size="4">
  <evalue name="low" value="0"/>
  <evalue name="high" value="1"/>
<flags id="flags_type" size="4">
  <field name="X" start="0"/>
  <field name="LEVEL" start="1" end="1" type="levels_type"/>
<reg name="flags" bitsize="32" type="flags_type"/>

Given that description, a value of 3 for the ‘flags’ register would be printed as:

(gdb) info register flags
flags 0x3 [ X LEVEL=high ]