Embedded Processors (Debugging with GDB)

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21.3 Embedded Processors

This section goes into details specific to particular embedded configurations.

Whenever a specific embedded processor has a simulator, GDB allows to send an arbitrary command to the simulator.

sim command

Send an arbitrary command string to the simulator. Consult the documentation for the specific simulator in use for information about acceptable commands.

ARC:    Synopsys ARC
BPF:    eBPF
M68K:    Motorola M68K
MicroBlaze:    Xilinx MicroBlaze
MIPS Embedded:    MIPS Embedded
OpenRISC 1000:    OpenRISC 1000 (or1k)
PowerPC Embedded:    PowerPC Embedded
AVR:    Atmel AVR
Super-H:    Renesas Super-H