C (Debugging with GDB)

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15.4.1 C and C++

Since C and C++ are so closely related, many features of GDB apply to both languages. Whenever this is the case, we discuss those languages together.

The C++ debugging facilities are jointly implemented by the C++ compiler and GDB. Therefore, to debug your C++ code effectively, you must compile your C++ programs with a supported C++ compiler, such as GNU g++, or the HP ANSI C++ compiler (aCC).

C Operators:    C and C++ operators
C Constants:    C and C++ constants
C Plus Plus Expressions:    C++ expressions
C Defaults:    Default settings for C and C++
C Checks:    C and C++ type and range checks
Debugging C:    GDB and C
Debugging C Plus Plus:    GDB features for C++
Decimal Floating Point:    Numbers in Decimal Floating Point format