Language History (The GNU Awk User’s Guide)

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Part IV:Appendices

Appendix A The Evolution of the awk Language

This Web page describes the GNU implementation of awk, which follows the POSIX specification. Many longtime awk users learned awk programming with the original awk implementation in Version 7 Unix. (This implementation was the basis for awk in Berkeley Unix, through 4.3-Reno. Subsequent versions of Berkeley Unix, and, for a while, some systems derived from 4.4BSD-Lite, used various versions of gawk for their awk.) This chapter briefly describes the evolution of the awk language, with cross-references to other parts of the Web page where you can find more information.

V7/SVR3.1    The major changes between V7 and System V Release 3.1.
SVR4    Minor changes between System V Releases 3.1 and 4.
POSIX    New features from the POSIX standard.
BTL    New features from Brian Kernighan’s version of awk.
POSIX/GNU    The extensions in gawk not in POSIX awk.
Feature History    The history of the features in gawk.
Common Extensions    Common Extensions Summary.
Ranges and Locales    How locales used to affect regexp ranges.
Contributors    The major contributors to gawk.
History summary    History summary.