Spring Security: Exploring JDBC Authentication 1. Overview In this short tutorial, we’ll explore the capabilities offered by Spring to perform JDBC Authentication using an existing DataSource configuration. In our Authentication with a Database-backed UserDetailsService post, we analyzed one approach to achieve this, by implementing the UserDetailService interface ourselves. This time, we’ll… Continue Reading spring-security-jdbc-authentication

Spring Security Registration Tutorial Building a full-fledged, production-ready registration for your web application is oh so much more than just putting together a simple registration page. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered: How do I verify the email addresses of new users? How do I… Continue Reading spring-security-registration

Spring Security Registration – Resend Verification Email 1. Overview In this tutorial – we’re continuing the ongoing Registration with Spring Security series with a look at resending the verification link to the user in case it expires before they have a chance to activate their account. 2. Resend the Verification… Continue Reading spring-security-registration-verification-email

Registration with Spring Security – Password Encoding 1. Overview This article discusses a critical part of the registration process – password encoding – basically not storing the password in plaintext. There are a few encoding mechanism supported by Spring Security – and for the article we’ll use BCrypt, as it’s… Continue Reading spring-security-registration-password-encoding-bcrypt

Spring Security Context Propagation with @Async 1. Introduction In this tutorial, we are going to focus on the propagation of the Spring Security principal with @Async. _ _ By default, the Spring Security Authentication is bound to a ThreadLocal – so, when the execution flow runs in a new thread… Continue Reading spring-security-async-principal-propagation

Registration – Activate a New Account by Email 1. Overview This article continues the ongoing Registration with Spring Security series with one of the missing pieces of the registration process – verifying the user’s email to confirm their account. The registration confirmation mechanism forces the user to respond to a… Continue Reading registration-verify-user-by-email

Spring Security – Reset Your Password 1. Overview In this tutorial – we’re continuing the ongoing Registration with Spring Security series with a look at the basic “I forgot my password” feature – so that the user can safely reset their own password when they need to. 2. The Password… Continue Reading spring-security-registration-i-forgot-my-password

Deprecated Classes in Spring 1. Introduction In this tutorial, we’re going to take a look at the deprecated classes in Spring and Spring Boot and explain what these have been replaced with. We’ll explore classes starting from Spring 4 and Spring Boot 1.4. 2. Deprecated Classes in Spring For easier reading, we… Continue Reading spring-deprecated-classes