Spring Data with Spring Security 1. Overview Spring Security provides a good support for integration with Spring Data. While the former handles security aspects of our application, the latter provides convenient access to the database containing the application’s data. In this article, we’ll discuss how Spring Security can be integrated… Continue Reading spring-data-security

Authentication Against a REST Service with Spring Security REST Spring Security Authentication RestTemplate Table of Contents 1. Overview 2. The Goal 3. The Client 4. Testing the Authentication Service 5. Conclusion 1. Overview This article is focused on how to authenticate against a secure REST API that provides a RESTful… Continue Reading authentication-against-a-third-party-service

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Quick Intro to Spring Cloud Configuration 1. Overview Spring Cloud Config is Spring’s client/server approach for storing and serving distributed configurations across multiple applications and environments. This configuration store is ideally versioned under Git version control and can be modified at application runtime. While it fits very well in Spring… Continue Reading spring-cloud-configuration

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A Custom Spring SecurityConfigurer 1. Overview The Spring Security Java configuration support provides us with a powerful fluent APIs – to define security mappings and rules for an application. In this quick article, we’ll see how we can take this one step forward and actually define a custom configurer; this… Continue Reading spring-security-custom-configurer

Fixing 401s with CORS Preflights and Spring Security 1. Overview In this short tutorial, we’re going to learn how to solve the error “Response for preflight has invalid HTTP status code 401”, which can occur in applications that support cross-origin communication and use Spring Security. First, we’ll see what cross-origin… Continue Reading spring-security-cors-preflight

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Introduction to Java Config for Spring Security 1. Overview This article is an introduction to Java configuration for Spring Security which enables users to easily configure Spring Security without the use of XML. Java configuration was added to the Spring framework in Spring 3.1 and extended to Spring Security in… Continue Reading java-config-spring-security