Introduction to Spring Data Cassandra 1. Overview This article is a practical introduction to working with Cassandra with Spring Data. We’ll start the from the basics and go through the configurations and coding, finally building up a complete Spring Data Cassandra module. 2. Maven Dependencies Let’s start by defining the… Continue Reading spring-data-cassandra-tutorial

Using the CassandraTemplate from Spring Data 1. Overview This is the second article of the Spring Data Cassandra article series. In this article we will mainly focus on CassandraTemplate and CQL queries in the data access layer. You can read more about Spring Data Cassandra in the first article in… Continue Reading spring-data-cassandratemplate-cqltemplate

Spring Data JPA @Modifying Annotation 1. Introduction In this short tutorial, we’ll learn how to create update queries with the Spring Data JPA @Query annotation. We’ll achieve this by using the @Modifying annotation. First, we’ll refresh our memory and see how to make queries using Spring Data JPA. After that,… Continue Reading spring-data-jpa-modifying-annotation

DDD Aggregates and @DomainEvents 1. Overview In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to use @DomainEvents annotation and AbstractAggregateRoot class to conveniently publish and handle domain events produced by aggregate – one of the key tactical design patterns in Domain-driven design. Aggregates accept business commands, which usually results in producing an… Continue Reading spring-data-ddd

Case Insensitive Queries with Spring Data Repository 1. Overview Spring Data JPA queries, by default, are case-sensitive. In other words, the field value comparisons are case-sensitive. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to quickly create a case insensitive query in a Spring Data JPA repository. 2. Dependencies Firstly, let’s make… Continue Reading spring-data-case-insensitive-queries

A Quick Look at R2DBC with Spring Data 1. Introduction R2DBC (Reactive Relational Database Connectivity) is an effort presented by Pivotal during Spring One Platform 2018. It intends to create a reactive API to SQL databases. In other words, this effort creates a database connection using fully non-blocking drivers. In… Continue Reading spring-data-r2dbc