Resolving “Failed to Configure a DataSource” Error 1. Overview In this short tutorial, we’ll discuss what causes and what resolves the “Failed to configure a DataSource” error on a Spring Boot project. We’ll resolve the issue using two different approaches: Defining the data source Disabling the auto-configuration of the data… Continue Reading spring-boot-failed-to-configure-data-source

Spring Data JPA Batch Inserts 1. Overview Going out to the database is expensive. We may be able to improve performance and consistency by batching multiple inserts into one. In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to do this with Spring Data JPA. 2. Spring JPA Repository First, we’ll need… Continue Reading spring-data-jpa-batch-inserts

Repositories with Multiple Spring Data Modules 1. Introduction Sometimes we need to connect to more than one database technology in the same application. In this tutorial, we’ll explore the various configuration options when it comes to using multiple Spring Data modules in the same application. Let’s use a toy Spring… Continue Reading spring-multiple-data-modules