Testing with Selenium/WebDriver and the Page Object Pattern 1. Introduction In this article, we’re going to build on the previous writeup and continue to improve our Selenium/WebDriver testing by introducing the Page Object pattern. 2. Adding Selenium Let’s add a new dependency to our project to write simpler, more readable… Continue Reading selenium-webdriver-page-object

Introduction to AutoFactory 1. Introduction In this tutorial, we’ll give a brief introduction to AutoFactory, from by Google. This is a source-level code generator that helps generate factories. 2. Maven Setup Before we begin, let’s add the following dependency to the pom.xml: <dependency> <groupId>com.google.auto.factory</groupId> <artifactId>auto-factory</artifactId> <version>1.0-beta5</version> </dependency> The latest version… Continue Reading autofactory

Integration Patterns With Apache Camel 1. Overview This article will cover some essential enterprise integration patterns (EIPs) supported by Apache Camel. Integration patterns help by providing solutions for standardized ways of integrating systems. If you need to first go over the basics of Apache Camel, definitely visit this article to… Continue Reading camel-integration-patterns

Automatic Generation of the Builder Pattern with FreeBuilder [[builder pattern]] === 1. Overview [[builder pattern]]In this tutorial, we’ll use the FreeBuilder library to generate builder classes in Java. [[design patterns]] === 2. Builder Design Pattern [[design patterns]]Builder is one of the most widely used Creation Design Patterns in object-oriented languages.… Continue Reading java-builder-pattern-freebuilder

Spring Cloud Series – The Gateway Pattern 1. Overview So far, in our cloud application, we’ve used the Gateway Pattern to support two main features. First, we insulated our clients from each service, eliminating the need for cross-origin support. Next, we implemented locating instances of services using Eureka. In this… Continue Reading spring-cloud-gateway-pattern