Guide to Unix Swap 1. Introduction In this tutorial, we’ll introduce the Unix swap space, its advantages, and a few simple commands to manage it. 2. The Unix Swap Space Swap or paging space is basically a portion of the hard disk that the operating system can use as an… Continue Reading swap-space

Linux Commands – top 1. Overview It’s quite common to find ourselves in a situation where we need to know the resource usage of each process and thread in our system. For example, we might want to know which process is slowing down our system. In this tutorial, we’ll look… Continue Reading top-command

Linux Commands – Repeat a Command n Times 1. Introduction Repeating a command is one of the most commonly used operations when working with Linux scripting. In this quick tutorial, we’ll present how to perform an operation n times using different approaches. 2. Using a for Loop Let’s start by defining a… Continue Reading repeat-command

Guide to Linux jq Command for JSON processing 1. Overview JSON is a widely used structured data format typically used in most modern APIs and data services. It’s particularly popular in web applications due to its lightweight nature and compatibility with Javascript. Unfortunately, shells such as Bash can’t interpret and… Continue Reading jq-command-json