Spring BeanCreationException 1. Overview In this article, we are discussing the Spring org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException – this is a very common exception thrown when the BeanFactory creates beans of the bean definitions and encounteres a problem. The article will discuss the most common causes of this exception along with the solution. Further… Continue Reading spring-beancreationexception

Exceptions in Netty 1. Overview In this quick article, we’ll be looking at exception handling in Netty. Simply put, Netty is a framework for building high-performance asynchronous and event-driven network applications. I/O operations are handled inside its life-cycle using callback methods. More details about the framework and how to get… Continue Reading netty-exception-handling

Spring ResponseStatusException 1. Overview In this quick tutorial, we’ll discuss the new ResponseStatusException class introduced in Spring 5. This class supports the application of HTTP status codes to HTTP responses. A RESTful application can communicate the success or failure of an HTTP request by returning the right status code in… Continue Reading spring-response-status-exception

FileNotFoundException in Java 1. Introduction In this article, we’re going to talk about a very common exception in Java – the FileNotFoundException. We’ll cover the cases when it can occur, possible ways of treating it and some examples. **2. When Is The Exception Thrown? As indicated on Java’s API documentation,… Continue Reading java-filenotfound-exception

Common Java Exceptions 1. Introduction This tutorial focuses on some common Java exceptions. We’ll start by discussing what an exception basically is. Later, we’ll discuss different types of checked and unchecked exceptions in detail. 2. Exceptions An exception is an abnormal condition that occurs in a code sequence during the… Continue Reading java-common-exceptions

Spring DataIntegrityViolationException 1. Overview In this article, we will discuss the Spring org.springframework.dao.DataIntegrityViolationException – this is a generic data exception typically thrown by the Spring exception translation mechanism when dealing with lower level persistence exceptions. The article will discuss the most common causes of this exception along with the solution… Continue Reading spring-dataIntegrityviolationexception

Java List UnsupportedOperationException 1. Overview In this quick tutorial, we’ll discuss a common Exception that can occur when working with some the API of most List implementations – the UnsupportedOperationException. A java.util.List has more functionality than an ordinary array can support. For instance, with only one built-in method call, it’s possible to check if… Continue Reading java-list-unsupported-operation-exception

AssertJ Exception Assertions 1. Overview In this quick tutorial, we’ll have a look at AssertJ’s exception-dedicated assertions. 2. Without AssertJ In order to test if an exception was thrown, we’d need to catch the exception and then perform assertions: try { // … } catch (Exception e) { // assertions… Continue Reading assertj-exception-assertion