Run a Java Application from the Command Line 1. Overview Typically, every meaningful application includes one or more JAR files as dependencies. However, there are times a JAR file itself represents a standalone application or a web application. We’ll focus on the standalone application scenario in this article. Hereafter, we’ll… Continue Reading java-run-jar-with-arguments

Introduction to Atomix 1. Overview Most distributed applications require some stateful component to be consistent and fault-tolerant. Atomix is an embeddable library helping in achieving fault-tolerance and consistency for distributed resources. It provides a rich set of APIs for managing its resources like collections, groups, and tools for concurrency. To… Continue Reading atomix

Java System.getProperty vs System.getenv DevOps Java 1. Introduction The package java.lang is automatically imported when in a Java application. This package contains many commonly used classes from NullPointerException to Object, Math, and String. The java.lang.System class is a final class, meaning that we cannot subclass it, therefore all methods are… Continue Reading java-system-get-property-vs-system-getenv

Monitoring Java Applications with Flight Recorder 1. Overview In this tutorial, we’ll examine Java Flight Recorder, its concepts, its basic commands, and how to use it. 2. Java Monitoring Utilities Java is not just a programming language but a very rich ecosystem with a lot of tools. The JDK contains… Continue Reading java-flight-recorder-monitoring