Getting Started with Java and Zookeeper 1. Overview Apache ZooKeeper is a distributed coordination service which eases the development of distributed applications. It’s used by projects like Apache Hadoop, HBase and others for different use cases like leader election, configuration management, node coordination, server lease management, etc. Nodes within ZooKeeper… Continue Reading java-zookeeper

Spring Boot Application as a Service 1. Overview This article explores some options of running Spring Boot applications as a service. Firstly, we are going to explain web applications’ packaging options and system services. In the subsequent sections, we explore different alternatives we have when setting up a service for… Continue Reading spring-boot-app-as-a-service

Shutdown a Spring Boot Application 1. Overview Managing the lifecycle of Spring Boot Application is very important for a production-ready system. The Spring container handles the creation, initialization, and destruction of all the Beans with the help of the ApplicationContext. The emphasize of this write-up is the destruction phase of… Continue Reading spring-boot-shutdown

Logging HTTP Requests with Spring Boot Actuator HTTP Tracing 1. Introduction When we work with microservices or web services in general, it’s quite useful to know how our users interact with our services. This can be achieved by tracing all the requests that hit our services and collect this information… Continue Reading spring-boot-actuator-http