Sixth Round of Improvements to the Reddit Application 1. Overview In this article we’re going to be almost wrapping up the improvements to the Reddit application. 2. Command API Security First, we’re going to do some work to secure the command API to prevent manipulating of resources by users other… Continue Reading reddit-web-app-improvements-6

Override Properties in Spring’s Tests 1. Overview In this tutorial, we’ll have a look at various ways to override properties in Spring’s tests. Spring actually provides a number of solutions for this, so we have quite a bit to explore here. 2. Dependencies Of course, in order to work with… Continue Reading spring-tests-override-properties

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Customizing Authorization and Token Requests with Spring Security 5.1 Client 1. Overview Sometimes OAuth2 APIs can diverge a little from the standard, in which case we need to do some customizations to the standard OAuth2 requests. Spring Security 5.1 provides support for customizing OAuth2 authorization and token requests. In this… Continue Reading spring-security-custom-oauth-requests