Investing in “REST With Spring” – Bullet-Points Investing in the course – the bullet-points ​Quick – Learning as Needed + A developer can’t usually take a week off – to go through a course + A main goal of the material is to not have to go through everything right… Continue Reading rws-why

Intro to the Java SecurityManager 1. Overview In this tutorial, we’ll have a look into Java’s built-in security infrastructure, which is disabled by default. Specifically, we’ll examine its main components, extension points, and configurations. 2. SecurityManager in Action It might be a surprise, but default SecurityManager settings disallow many standard operations:… Continue Reading java-security-manager

Design Patterns Series Creational Patterns + /bootstraping-a-web-application-with-spring-and-java-based-configurationIntroduction to Creational Design Patterns + /building-a-restful-web-service-with-spring-and-java-based-configuration/java-builder-pattern-freebuilderAutomatic Generation of the Builder Pattern with FreeBuilder + /securing-a-restful-web-service-with-spring-securityUsing the @Singular Annotation with Lombok Builders + /basic-and-digest-authentication-for-a-rest-api-with-spring-securityLombok Builder with Custom Setter + /rest-api-pagination-in-springLombok @Builder with Inheritance + /exception-handling-for-rest-with-springCreational Design Patterns in Kotlin: Builder + /entity-to-and-from-dto-for-a-java-spring-application/lombok-builder/java-abstract-factory-patternUsing Lombok’s @Builder… Continue Reading design-patterns-series

The Spring TestExecutionListener  1. Overview Typically, we use the JUnit annotations like @BeforeEach, @AfterEach, @BeforeAll, and @AfterAll, to orchestrate tests’ lifecycle, but sometimes that’s not enough — especially when we’re working with the Spring framework. This is where Spring TestExecutionListener comes in handy. In this tutorial, we’ll see what the… Continue Reading spring-testexecutionlistener