Startup File (GNU Wget 1.21.1-dirty Manual)

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6 Startup File

Once you know how to change default settings of Wget through command line arguments, you may wish to make some of those settings permanent. You can do that in a convenient way by creating the Wget startup file—.wgetrc.

Besides .wgetrc is the “main” initialization file, it is convenient to have a special facility for storing passwords. Thus Wget reads and interprets the contents of $HOME/.netrc, if it finds it. You can find .netrc format in your system manuals.

Wget reads .wgetrc upon startup, recognizing a limited set of commands.

Wgetrc Location    Location of various wgetrc files.
Wgetrc Syntax    Syntax of wgetrc.
Wgetrc Commands    List of available commands.
Sample Wgetrc    A wgetrc example.