CGI — Werkzeug documentation

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If all other deployment methods do not work, CGI will work for sure. CGI is supported by all major servers but usually has a less-than-optimal performance.

This is also the way you can use a Werkzeug application on Google’s AppEngine, there however the execution does happen in a CGI-like environment. The application’s performance is unaffected because of that.

Creating a .cgi file

First you need to create the CGI application file. Let’s call it yourapplication.cgi:

from wsgiref.handlers import CGIHandler
from yourapplication import make_app

application = make_app()

Server Setup

Usually there are two ways to configure the server. Either just copy the .cgi into a cgi-bin (and use mod_rewrite or something similar to rewrite the URL) or let the server point to the file directly.

In Apache for example you can put something like this into the config:

ScriptAlias /app /path/to/the/application.cgi

For more information consult the documentation of your webserver.