The x read-only property of the Gyroscope interface returns a double precision integer containing the angular velocity of the device along the its x axis.

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var x = gyroscope.x


A Number.


The gyroscope is typically read in the Sensor.onreading event callback. In the example below this occurs sixty times a second.

let gyroscope = new Gyroscope({frequency: 60});

gyroscope.addEventListener('reading', e => {
  console.log("Angular velocity along the X-axis " + gyroscope.x);
  console.log("Angular velocity along the Y-axis " + gyroscope.y);
  console.log("Angular velocity along the Z-axis " + gyroscope.z);


Specification Status Comment
Generic Sensor API Candidate Recommendation Defines sensors in general.
GyroscopeThe definition of 'x' in that specification. Candidate Recommendation

Browser compatibility

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Full support 9.0


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