Dialects — SQLAlchemy 2.0.0b1 documentation

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The dialect is the system SQLAlchemy uses to communicate with various types of DBAPI implementations and databases. The sections that follow contain reference documentation and notes specific to the usage of each backend, as well as notes for the various DBAPIs.

All dialects require that an appropriate DBAPI driver is installed.

Included Dialects

Support Levels for Included Dialects

The following table summarizes the support level for each included dialect.

Support Definitions

Fully tested in CI
Fully tested in CI indicates a version that is tested in the sqlalchemy CI system and passes all the tests in the test suite.
Normal support
Normal support indicates that most features should work, but not all versions are tested in the ci configuration so there may be some not supported edge cases. We will try to fix issues that affect these versions.
Best effort
Best effort indicates that we try to support basic features on them, but most likely there will be unsupported features or errors in some use cases. Pull requests with associated issues may be accepted to continue supporting older versions, which are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

External Dialects

Currently maintained external dialect projects for SQLAlchemy include:

Database Dialect
Amazon Redshift (via psycopg2) sqlalchemy-redshift
Apache Drill sqlalchemy-drill
Apache Druid pydruid
Apache Hive and Presto PyHive
Apache Solr sqlalchemy-solr
CockroachDB sqlalchemy-cockroachdb
CrateDB 1 crate-python
EXASolution sqlalchemy_exasol
Elasticsearch (readonly) elasticsearch-dbapi
Firebird sqlalchemy-firebird
Firebolt firebolt-sqlalchemy
Google BigQuery pybigquery
Google Sheets gsheets
IBM DB2 and Informix ibm-db-sa
IBM Netezza Performance Server 1 nzalchemy
Microsoft Access (via pyodbc) sqlalchemy-access
Microsoft SQL Server (via python-tds) sqlalchemy-tds
Microsoft SQL Server (via turbodbc) sqlalchemy-turbodbc
MonetDB 1 sqlalchemy-monetdb
SAP ASE (fork of former Sybase dialect) sqlalchemy-sybase
SAP Hana 1 sqlalchemy-hana
SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere sqlalchemy-sqlany
Snowflake snowflake-sqlalchemy
Teradata Vantage teradatasqlalchemy
Supports version 1.3.x only at the moment.