Column Elements and Expressions — SQLAlchemy 2.0.0b1 documentation

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Column Elements and Expressions

The expression API consists of a series of classes each of which represents a specific lexical element within a SQL string. Composed together into a larger structure, they form a statement construct that may be compiled into a string representation that can be passed to a database. The classes are organized into a hierarchy that begins at the basemost ClauseElement class. Key subclasses include ColumnElement, which represents the role of any column-based expression in a SQL statement, such as in the columns clause, WHERE clause, and ORDER BY clause, and FromClause, which represents the role of a token that is placed in the FROM clause of a SELECT statement.

Column Element Foundational Constructors

Standalone functions imported from the sqlalchemy namespace which are used when building up SQLAlchemy Expression Language constructs.

Column Element Modifier Constructors

Functions listed here are more commonly available as methods from any _sql.ColumnElement construct, for example, the _sql.label() function is usually invoked via the _sql.ColumnElement.label() method.

Column Element Class Documentation

The classes here are generated using the constructors listed at Column Element Foundational Constructors and Column Element Modifier Constructors.