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Selectables, Tables, FROM objects

The term “selectable” refers to any object that rows can be selected from; in SQLAlchemy, these objects descend from _expression.FromClause and their distinguishing feature is their _expression.FromClause.c attribute, which is a namespace of all the columns contained within the FROM clause (these elements are themselves _expression.ColumnElement subclasses).

Selectable Foundational Constructors

Top level “FROM clause” and “SELECT” constructors.

Selectable Modifier Constructors

Functions listed here are more commonly available as methods from _sql.FromClause and _sql.Selectable elements, for example, the _sql.alias() function is usually invoked via the _sql.FromClause.alias() method.

Selectable Class Documentation

The classes here are generated using the constructors listed at Selectable Foundational Constructors and Selectable Modifier Constructors.

Label Style Constants

Constants used with the _sql.GenerativeSelect.set_label_style() method.


The default label style, refers to _sql.LABEL_STYLE_DISAMBIGUATE_ONLY.

New in version 1.4.

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