Source code for asyncio.exceptions

"""asyncio exceptions."""

__all__ = ('CancelledError', 'InvalidStateError', 'TimeoutError',
           'IncompleteReadError', 'LimitOverrunError',

[docs]class CancelledError(BaseException):
    """The Future or Task was cancelled."""

[docs]class TimeoutError(Exception):
    """The operation exceeded the given deadline."""

[docs]class InvalidStateError(Exception):
    """The operation is not allowed in this state."""

[docs]class SendfileNotAvailableError(RuntimeError):
    """Sendfile syscall is not available.

    Raised if OS does not support sendfile syscall for given socket or
    file type.

[docs]class IncompleteReadError(EOFError):
    Incomplete read error. Attributes:

    - partial: read bytes string before the end of stream was reached
    - expected: total number of expected bytes (or None if unknown)
    def __init__(self, partial, expected):
        r_expected = 'undefined' if expected is None else repr(expected)
        super().__init__(f'{len(partial)} bytes read on a total of '
                         f'{r_expected} expected bytes')
        self.partial = partial
        self.expected = expected

    def __reduce__(self):
        return type(self), (self.partial, self.expected)

[docs]class LimitOverrunError(Exception):
    """Reached the buffer limit while looking for a separator.

    - consumed: total number of to be consumed bytes.
    def __init__(self, message, consumed):
        self.consumed = consumed

    def __reduce__(self):
        return type(self), (self.args[0], self.consumed)